Axon Sanat Maham Gostar Co

Axon Sanat Maham Gostar Co with several years of experience in the field of petroleum , petrochemicals and industrial Co., is established with ex-workers of national Oil & Gas Co. and has become one of the most prominent companies in this field. The most significant backing that can be found in a business, is the active and experienced force in shopping, supplement and marketing. This will result in easier marketing and accelerate purchasing for customers, in this time.
The company has a great deal of communication with oil , gas and petrochemical equipment manufacturers, in both, West and East side of the world. This has been made it possible to supply specific products to industrial plants and projects in the current state of world.



In the whole time of our operations and actions, we’ll represent ourselves as reliable, responsible and unique company, which concentrates on marketing special equipment, for special needs.

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